Stephanie Wooster is a textiles designer maker based in Bristol. Working primarily with knit, Stephanie creates accessories that express her interests in the haptic object: how textile objects feel and how they make us feel through the wearing of them. Whether worn to protect, comfort oradorn, an item of clothing can change our body language, confidence or reinforce (to ourselves and others) who we are. To Stephanie a uniform is not just practical work-wear, be it military issue or skinny jeans, it holds social and emotional secrets known only by the wearer.

Stephanie has worked within textiles for over 20 years since graduating from Winchester School of Art, specializing in fine gauge knit with a keen concentration on quality of finish. Her textiles have, over the years, included print, stitch, embroidery, crochet and felting, selling to Shops and Galleries across the South West. Her employment is as varied working as a Designer Maker, University Lecturer and Freelance Swatch Designer. She has recently completed a Masters Degree focusing her interests in the hand made and related tactile qualities of objects.

Inspiration for her latest collection came from two museums in Bristol, firstly the Bristol City Museum where Stephanie (with the research group Make and Think) looked at the mending samplers and mended objects from the collection. Construction processes that are traditionally invisible are brought to the fore, either through the use of alternate materials or colours but always with skill and a deferment to the original item. Secondly Stephanie visited the Glenside Hospital Museum where she researched items used in the mending of minds, the physicality of the textiles and the use of making activities to treat patients.

The resulting accessories work with delicately constructed fabrics and elaborate seams to create items that inspire positive feelings when worn. From the multiple fine knit lengths of 'Shawl' and 'Sheathe' that float around the body, weaving graceful traces to the layered swathes of 'Envelop', 'Nurture' and 'Comfort' that hug the shoulders, lift the chin and encourage a dignified posture. Stephanie wants her work to make you feel happy, through the selection and creation of fabrics to the meters of hand stitched seams Stephanie's' work has a touch of love in every piece.